El Pescador In Fillmore is committed to providing only the freshest and highest quality Mexican Food. With distinctive flavorful dishes, we created a unique restaurant concept around original recipes that demand only the freshest ingredients tailored after the traditional mexican cuisine. Our specialties are marinated in fine sauces with distinct seasonings and spices.

Jesus Ortiz, also known as "Don Chuy" is the proud owner of El Pescador #12 In Fillmore and is always here to greet you with a warm welcome.

El Pescador Family Restaurants is a dream come true thanks to the support of our customers, the solid union of our family and the principles that our parents, Carlos and Isidra Ortiz, granted us. Everything began in 1983 when Manuel Ortiz, the eldest brother of our family, had a dream of being owner of his own restaurant. This dream became reality in the city of Bell Gardens, California. Manuel knew he could count on the support of his parents and eleven brothers.

Later, each one of the brothers would share the same dream and a new path would lead to each ones destiny. They focused in always maintaining the union, the virtue, and the advice of Don Carlos along with carrying in their blood the good sense of entrepreneurship from Isidra Ortiz.